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18 Aug How to Decorate a Buffet?
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Traditionally, against a buffet server, one wall art piece is enough – but maximum  has never followed tradition – and there’s no reason to start now!A buffet with a sleek, pattern-less front calls attention to just a few accent pieces, embracing min..
18 Aug Patio Ideas on a Budget
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 Style your patio without going over budget with these simple steps.            Keep Your Layout Options Open         Whether you opt to furnish your patio with a set or a mix-and-match collection, remember that how you arrange your pieces can be jus..
18 Aug A Modern Studio
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If you live in a studio apartment, you know the challenges that come with having a space that’s only 200 to 450 square feet. In order to maintain a tidy home, not only should you focus on maximizing your storage solutions, you should narrow down your..
18 Aug The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Focal Point in Your Home
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A focal point is the star of any room in your home, and should be created (or updated) with care. It’s likely the first thing you, family members and guests will see upon entering the room and, as such, should leave a lasting impression. Tradition..
18 Aug 10 Decorating Hacks for Small Spaces
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Condo living is nothing if not convenient, but the small quarters can often present a design and décor challenge. Luckily, as more urban dwellers bring condo- and small space-living into the mainstream, there is an abundance of decorating tips an..
18 Aug How To Properly Clean And Protect Your Outdoor Furniture
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Your outdoor oasis is an escape from the bustle of everyday life, and you likely have a collection of furniture and décor that you use for entertaining, dining and relaxing throughout the warmer months. Over time, weather can do some serious dama..
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