Traditionally, against a buffet server, one wall art piece is enough – but maximum  has never followed tradition – and there’s no reason to start now!

A buffet with a sleek, pattern-less front calls attention to just a few accent pieces, embracing minimalism to the core.

Rustic textures like unrefined wood and indoor houseplants defy over-the-top glamour and instead give minimalism a casual, organic elegance.

While there is enough surface space left on the buffet to allow for minimalist influences, this portion of a dining room embraces standout style with bold colors and designs, giving it more of a maximalist edge.


Before you get to styling, it may help to first consider two main design concepts – minimalism and maximalism – and how each can influence a room’s aesthetic.

            Choose a Design Concept

More than just a practical surface space for serving meals, dining room buffets can act as statement accent pieces reflective of your personality.

                    Add a Crisp Backdrop

Once you’ve decided on a design concept, focus on balance through crisp wall art to highlight your décor.  .

 If you’re working with a mostly-dark wood buffet server, incorporate statement wall décor in gold or silver to call attention to any areas of lighter patina and detailing.
                Define with Statement Decor

Once you have an idea of the decorative concepts you want on the server – and the art over it – look for one or two statement pieces to bring it all together.
Two matching lamps, one on each end, provide automatic symmetry, making it easier to style whatever décor you want between them – without having to worry about drifting away from a refined, pulled-together aesthetic.

A large glass jug half-full with water for flowers offers a splash of unexpected – yet refreshingly cool – style.