14 Relaxing Bedroom Ideas

14 Relaxing Bedroom Ideas

  • 09 Jan, 2019
  • Posted By : Sanjay

1 . Nail head Trim

Mixing patterns in bedroom interiors doesn’t have to feel loud or chaotic – simply keep the colors subdued and similar. A chevron rug, floral drapes and nail head baseboard, in soft neutrals, will provide a harmonious depth and cozy appeal.


2. Marble

There’s something so soothing about natural stones, so you really can’t go wrong with marble accents. For ultra-relaxation, look for a soft blend of calming yellows and cool blues and greys.


3. Wood + Iron Furniture

For a rustic retreat, pair metal and wood; an iron bed with an oak dresser, for example, carries an organic simplicity with just the right amount of vintage charm for effortless relaxation.

4. Toasted Pumpkin + Rich Espresso

When it comes to orange and brown, remember: all you need is a hint (or two) of this cozy color combo for an effortless way to warm up any space.

5. Layered Art Gallery Wall

Find pieces similar in subject, color and style – and use them to fill in any areas of blank wall space. Remember, too, that framed paintings don’t have to be the only form of bedroom art; in a soft shade of beige or off-white, the wall itself also offers a stunning (yet completely calming) point of focus.

6. Deep-Button Tufting

Deep-button tufting is a hallmark of elegant traditional style – and offers a plush, inviting aesthetic. Incorporate it into a headboard for statement luxury, and complete the traditional look with accent chairs in rich oak and soft upholstery.

7.Fresh Plants

 Spruce up your style with indoor plants in pots and baskets and unexpected places (like mid-air!) for the ultimate in organic refreshment.

8. Plush Seating

 Extra bedroom seating doesn’t have to be reserved for only extra-large bedrooms. In small spaces, align a bedroom bench along the foot of the bed, and style a streamlined accent chair against the wall for comfy seating – without the bulk.

9. Matching Lamps

 ‘Same’ doesn’t equal ‘boring,’ as proven by these ombre-inspired bedside lamps. To bring out the lighter colors in a rich wood nightstand or area rug, opt for lamp pairs in cooler colors like blue or grey.

10. Vintage Lighting

: Recall the simplicity – and bucolic ambiance – of life on the farm with lanterns, pendants and other forms of vintage lighting.

11. Traditional Details

 There’s nothing like traditional décor to add soft warmth and a cozy familiarity. For calming, traditional comfort, opt for an intricate patterned rug – and an accent chair with roll arms and French-inspired cabriol legs to seal in the look.

12. Spacious Storage

 Perhaps the most inventive trend to hit bedrooms is the storage bed; chic designs and spacious pull-out drawers make it effortless to keep tidy and melt stress away.


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