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Welcome to our kids room blog.We are located in our favorite city Navsari,We love to share a lot of information and inspiration about design and rooms for kids.

· Easy decorating tips for a toddler's room

decorating  your kids room can be an intimidating task we break down the essentials for the kids' room with our five must have accessories.

·How do plan a room for a pre teen

When planning a bedroom for a pre-teen, you must keep in mind the functionality, design, and most importantly the child's personality. We give you tips on how to incorporate all three factors.

· The nursery decor checklist

I have always found ideas for India nursery decor sorely looking in the past.We have rounded up five easy categories that you can tackle to make that nursery an expression of your individual taste.

1.    Furniture
Baby décor is a growing segment in India and there are a number of  options available for new parents-to-be. Three key pieces to invest in, include the crib, an armchair (for nursing mothers) and a chest of drawers to store all your baby’s clothes, toys and soft furnishings.

2.    Wall Decals and Wallpaper
Apart from wallpaper, wall decals are the easiest DIY décor option to turn around your nursery. Think one statement wall for starters. Pepperfry and Nilaya by Asian Paints have interesting options. You can opt for character stencils, based on popular children’s characters or more aesthetically appealing options like delicate motifs and nature elements.

3.    Soft Furnishings & Accessories
Bright soft furnishings with pretty motifs will add character and bring in warmth. Light curtains which can be easily washed and dusted from time to time should be given priority over more fancy looking options. Textured furnishings are best avoided if your baby is too young and is in danger of swallowing any hanging materials. These also tend to attract more dust in a country like India so best avoided until your baby is a little older. Stuffed cushions in fun shapes are easily available in the market.

4.    Lighting
Lighting is key when you are planning your baby’s nursery. Yellow lights work best for adding a warm character to the nursery. Although you can add as many light fixtures as you personally want, we narrowed down three main lighting options for the nursery. These are:

-        Nightlights

-        Wall lights

-        Floor Lamps 

5.    Accessories
Hanging mobiles and buntings are great accessorizing options, and work as great visual stimuli for your baby’s developing senses.  Lastly, storage buckets for toys and rattles help keep the nursery tidy.

                         THUMBNAIL VIEW

  • Gender neutral kids room

If there's one thing we won't do to our kids is box them in some pigeonhole, including their favorite color. We will really just as proudly for the little boy who think it's col to build sand castles as we will go for the girls, who wants to dress up like batman for the 'Be a super hero day' in class. Let's banish blues for boys and pinks for girls, gender neutral kiddie room ideas.

  • Affordable kid's room decorating ideas

With a little money and a lot of creativity, you can transform your child's room into something magical.

1) Create Mini Art Galleries. 

2) Collect pieces over time

3) Get to know Etsy

4) Create  the little details by hand

5) Give a cheer for pom poms

6) Get creative with paint

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