Drawing room

Drawing room

  • 31 Oct, 2018
  • Posted By : Sanjay

The drawing should welcoming, well designed, comfortable and stylish enough to reflect your personality. all these come from furniture, lighting, curtains, wall decoration, etc... The interior designers inspire and impress you. Have a look!

              1. Lounging in style

             Make the optimum use of the length of the long drawing room. The translucent partition screen, the reflective glass wall, the colorful wall on the opposite , the motifs on the ceiling and a beautiful chandelier; it is amazing.

                     2 . Reflection

                 The delicate color of the curtains and sofa goes well with the texture on the wall. The style quotient of the drawing room is doubled by the large mirror on the wall that simply reflects the beauty and gives a depth to the room.

                       3 . Color of life

                  Spread the color of joy and show your true Indian spirit in your drawing room. How? just take a clue from here and color your world.

                        4 . Buddha on my wall

                       It's a masterpiece on the wall. And if the wall itself is a masterpiece the rest of the decor should be designed to complement it.

                    5 . Accessories

                         Accessorize the drawing room creatively to get an astonished admiration from your guests every time they visit your home.

                           6 . The black and white era

                  The charm of black and white era can never go out of fashion and will always look attractive and appealing. The painting on the wall is sufficient to sparkle the room.


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