How to Decorate Your Living Room: The 4 Essentials

How to Decorate Your Living Room: The 4 Essentials

  • 02 Jan, 2019
  • Posted By : Sanjay

Let’s face it: Most of us spend most of our time in the living room. Not only is your living room a destination for much-needed rest and relaxation, it’s a place where everyone can gather. Whether you’re hanging with the family or having a party, everyone tends to congregate here. And it’s no wonder! The living room is often where the best seats in the house are - and those seats are usually conveniently in front of the TV.


So how do you create a living room worthy of all this attention? We have 5 essentials that encompass all the living room decor you need, plus we’ve added a few living room decorating ideas you’ll love.

  • Essential #1: Seating


    The number one thing a comfortable living room needs is comfortable seating. Fortunately, the options are limitless, so you can find designs for small space living rooms, medium-sized living rooms, large living rooms and everything in between.

    Once you determine how much space you have to work with, you’ll want to ask yourself whether you prefer a sofa + loveseat + chair seating arrangement or a sectional configuration. Opting for separate seating allows everyone to spread out, while choosing sectional seating typically brings people closer together . . . unless you have the room for a truly expansive design.

    • Essential #2: Occasional Tables

      Occasional tables are all of the tables you would want and need in your living room, including coffee tables, sofa/console tables and side/end/accent tables.

      Coffee tables are typically placed front and center of your seating arrangement, and they serve as a hub for books, trays, baskets, accessories and necessities - like TV remotes, magazines and throw blankets. Those of us who like to eat or work in front of the TV also tend to treat our coffee tables as dining tables and desks. If that’s the case for you, a lift-top coffee table is perfect, as the surface elevates to a comfortable height for eating and working.

      • Essential #3 : Accessories

      The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing accessories for your living room. Rugs, pillows, art, lamps and decorative accents add layers of color, texture and style that put the “living” in living room.

      Rugs often end up dictating the color palette of a room, so they’re the perfect accessory to begin decorating with. They come in all shapes and sizes, patterns and materials. Same goes for pillows, which means your bound to find the right fit for your living room. Aside from adding softness to your space, these simple accents make big statements about your preferences.

      Art, lamps and tabletop/shelf decor may seem like extra, but these are the items that make your living room feel complete and completely you


      • Essential #4 : Entertainment


      After comfy living room seating, an entertainment center is arguably the most important element in your space. For many people, living room is synonymous with family room, TV room, media room aka the place where you watch all the Netflix. Because your television automatically becomes a focal point in these instances, you want the entertainment center, TV stand or TV console to offer appealing style and function. After all, everyone’s attention will be focused in this direction, so you may as well give them something nice to look at.





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